We transform agriculture!

Number of people who relies on food production by 35,000 commercial farmers, 850,000 farm workers & many small farmers
Agricultural contribution to GDP, if the entire value chain is considered. Approximately:
Percentage of South Africa’s land that is arable and good for cultivating crops
Developing farmers benefitting from development programs: Goal 300, 000
108, 307 36%
Agri SA spend on transformation: Goal R1 billion
R331, 000, 000 33%
  • Promote active agro learning networking and partnering
  • Become an agro learning network ambassador
  • Establish a network of agro role-players
  • Communicate agro success stories
  • Run agro public campaigns
  • Facilitate agro ideas


Be part of a transformed agricultural environment abound with exciting, collaborative, innovative and sustainable agro opportunities